Planning an event can be a complicated process, but it’s one that is rewarding upon completion, especially when you can witness the delight amongst your well-nourished guests. When choosing Italian catering near me, it will require a bit of research to see which Italian eatery will best fit your event type. Thankfully, residents in the St. Louis area won’t have to look very far for fine Italian cuisine. Ultima Cucina has been providing top-notch Italian food to our customers for several years. Let us make your next event something that you will remember for a long time! Here is the ultimate guide to catering from an Italian Restaurant. 

Transparency And Availability Of The Catering Service

Italian cuisine, when done right, could easily impress those from the motherland! Ultima Cucina will take this a step further and serve that food with grace and poise, thanks to our dedicated staff of waiters, hostesses, and management. If you want to get the most of your catering experience, start off by seeing how transparent and present they will be for your event. Ask all the important questions. How much staff will be available to me? Is it best to do a buffet or sit down dinner? If the catering staff is knowledgeable and diverse in their offerings, it will make your event that much more memorable, since it’s more of a guarantee that things will run smoothly.

Paying Attention To Your Budget

Catering could often be the biggest ticket expense of any event. Be careful, as the costs could soar very quickly. We don’t say this to put a damper on your event, it’s just to make you aware of what’s realistic within the confines of your budget. All of your critical cost factors will include your guests in attendance, timing of activities, and whether you will be having a sit down meal, buffet style service, open bar, access to other alcohol, etc. Rest assured, when seeking Italian catering near me, the caterer will work with you to devise a menu that is elegant but practical for what you can afford. Many caterers will charge per head or based on the number of guests. Find out everything that’s covered in the rate so that you don’t get any surprises later! If you need a cost breakdown of every expense and fee, our team is more than happy to oblige.

Going For A Tasting Beforehand

This is a big part of the fun when selecting Italian catering near me. You want your party to unfold naturally and beautifully. A good way to get confirmation of this is by asking your caterer to provide a preview of the menu, table set-up, and mock dining experience. A prior tasting could be a great way to find out which foods fit and which one’s don’t. For instance, if the talk around town is that they make a mean chicken marsala, consider giving this a taste to see if your guests will enjoy the dish. Don’t wait too long, otherwise you won’t have certainty about any of the dishes. 

Preferences Of The Caterer

If your event could use a boost from live music, decorating, or videography,  check to see if your caterer prefers to work with any local companies. A good relationship amongst vendors can help to foster smooth, amicable event production. If you can trust your caterer, trusting their preferred partners should also come easy. Besides, it’s always easier when vendors have an established relationship.

The Best Italian Catering Near Me

Ultima Cucina is committed to satiating the desires of your guests at your next event. To book Italian catering near me for your special day, contact us today!